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Sergio Ramos started playing and strengthen the Real Madrid team since the official transfered from the Sevilla team in 2005. And as for Sergio Ramos has playing and strengthen the Real Madrid team as much as 229 times appearances, and also has scored 28 goals for the Real Madrid team. And at the Real Madrid team, Sergio Ramos wear NO. backs (4).
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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Imagenes del Real Madrid 2012

foto: Higuain  (getty images)
Imagenes del Real Madrid 2012

Copa del Rey:
Higuain Guarantee Madrid Keep champions
MADRID - Spearheading Real Madrid's Gonzalo Higuain is not the slightest doubt the capacity of his team can perform brilliantly in the match counter Malaga in round 16 of the Copa del Rey on Wednesday (1/11/2012) early morning. Argentine striker was even bold guarantee, Madrid will waltz into the quarter-finals.

Higuain belief is not without reason saw a narrow victory 3-2 success they achieved in the first leg some time ago. Flashback to the match, Madrid had encountered obstacles. However, the composition of the star players you have, make Los Galacticos finally come out as winners.
Finally, Higuain again called for his enthusiasm to defend the champion of the Copa del Rey this season which has many meanings for Madrid. "We want to win the Copa del Rey again," said the attacker was 24 years.

"Madrid did not win it in a very long period of time until last year. It makes us very happy to win, for two consecutive seasons. I hope we can reach the final one step at this time and win the title again," complete Higuain . (win)

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